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Before Deciding

When our representatives are making important decisions that impact all of our lives I believe it is important to ask one basic question before making
those decisions,
Is this good for
the children?

Just imagine what our world would be like if that question was asked prior to making decisions about going to war, the environment, education or healthcare.


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2012 Political Candidates interviewed on Women's Spaces

Thank You for informing yourself on community affairs and voting. 

Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California & USA

Campaigning for the November 6, 2012 Election

Q-District Elections  Candidate Shows 

 Glimpses 6/5/12

Women Candidates - Contact Women's Spaces to apply for an Interview. Keep the timing in mind.  Due to austerity  cutbacks at the Community Media Center of the North Bay, scheduling the show can take up to 8 weeks after filming for broadcast on cable TV.  After the first broadcast on cable TV, the show is uploaded to be viewed on this website.

Local politics is where democracy begins, where leadership is demonstrated, and where government is most felt. Become active as a person of conscience today in your locality.

Glimpses of the Candidates who appeared on Women's Spaces:

Stay tuned for Glimpses for the November 2012 Election

List of Candidates with Links to view their show on its archive page

Click on Name or on the Photo to view the show on its archive page. If the show is currently being broadcast on cable TV, the schedule can be seen on the archive page.

Santa Rosa City Council  

Thanks for a Clean Campaign
Caroline Banuelos, Candidate

Caroline Banuelos on Women's Spaces Show filmed 6/1/2012

Link for Caroline's website: 

FaceBook logo Facebook Page of Caroline

Congratulations on your Election
Erin Carlstrom, Candidate

Erin Carlstrom on Women's Spaces Show 7/20/2012

Link for Erin's website:

FaceBook logo Facebook page of Erin
Congratulations on your Election
Julie Combs,

Julie Combs on Women's Spaces show filmed 5/25/2012

Link for Julie's website:

FaceBook logo Facebook Page of Julie


Santa Rosa City Measure Q District Elections on Ballot

Good Beginning.  This is Democracy in action over time as citizens educate more citizens on the benefits before the next Campaign.

Susan Shaw on Women's Spaces show filmed 9/14/2012
Susan Shaw, Executive Director,
North Bay Organizing Project,
on District Elections
Julie Combs on Women's Spaces Show filmed 7/27/2012
Julie Combs, 
Neighborhood Advocate,
on District Elections
Click to listen to Elaine B. Holtz being interviewed on KSRO on Measure Q 11/1/2012 - a new page will open for the player to load the file.



Congratualations on a your successful campaign, Laura!

Santa Rosa Board of Education:  Laura Gonzalez, Candidate for 2nd Term

Laura Gonzalez on Women's Spaces Show filmed on 9/28/2012

Guest Link:  lauragonzalez.org

FaceBook logo Facebook Page of Laura


Congratualtions on your successful Election, Susan!

Sonoma County Supervisor - 1st District  - Susan Gorin, Candidate

June 5, 2012 Primary resulted in Susan Gorin and Tom Sawyer to be in the runoff election on November 6, 2012

Susan Gorin on Women's Spaces Show of 3/9/2011

Guest Link: susangorin.com

FaceBook logo Facebook Page of Susan


Lots of corporate money from the Nay Sayers made it difficult to educate the citizens.  Democracy in Action takes time. Congratulations on building a committed Grassroots movement.

California Proposition 37 - Right to Know,  Labelling GMO

Guests: Karen Hudson & Ellendril Johnsen

Spokespersons, California Right to Know

Karen Hudson & Ellendril Johnsen on Women's Spaces Show filmed 10/5/2012

Guest Link:  www.carighttoknow.org

FaceBook logo Facebook Page of CA Right to Know



June 5, 2012 Election:   Congratulations to Shirley Zane in winning the election to her second term as Sonoma County Supervisor for the 3rd District

Shirley Zane on Women's Spaces show filmed 5/18/2012

Link: zaneforsupervisor.com


Congratulations in spreading the Green Party 10 Core Principles, Jill!

U.S.A. President   -   Dr. Jill Stein, Candidate of the Green Party

July 14, 2012 Green Party Official Nomination:  Congratulations to Dr. Jill Stein on winning the Green Party's nomination for President of  the United States of America

Dr. Jill Stein on Women's Spaces Show of 12/9/2011

Link: www.jillstein.org


Related Video link:

Glimpses of the Candidates for Election June 5, 2012


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