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Before Deciding

When our representatives are making important decisions that impact all of our lives I believe it is important to ask one basic question before making
those decisions,
Is this good for
the children?

Just imagine what our world would be like if that question was asked prior to making decisions about going to war, the environment, education or healthcare.


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I Am Woman, I Am All Women

I am woman, I am all women, 
and I go beyond color, religion, country or political party.
I am woman, I am all women 
and in my womb since the beginning of humankind 
I have provided a space for the children of the earth to grow and develop.
It has been through my pain that a child is born 
and it is through my body and nurturing
that those born of me have survived.
I am woman, I am all women 
and I am tired.
I am tired of the polluters who take away from the health of my children, 
my grandchildren and all future generations.
I am tired of the warmongers who take away my young children 
who are born pure and innocent 
and turn them into killers -
killers who kill their own kind 
and are killed in the name of I do not know what anymore.
I am tired of the greed that creates lack for far to many 
and abundance for far to few.
I am tired of those who rule continually telling me what is right for my body 
and that they know what is best therefore making choices for me.
I am tired of the women who sell their souls 
so they can participate in a mans world, 
one that is full of fear and destruction.
I am tired of seeing my off spring in countries close and far away 
destroying all that is needed to sustain the life of all my children -
those innocent children who are born free 
only to fall into experiences that create hunger, 
disease created by humankind’s greed.  
A man plants the seed of life deep within me; 
the great mystery takes that seed into my womb 
and creates all that has been created.
I am tired of men taking the pleasure in the planting 
while denying all that I have created what it is entitled to.
I give birth to human beings, 
not Jews, not Catholics, not Muslims, not Buddhist, 
not black, not white, not yellow or red.
I am tired of those divisions 
and I want life to be cherished and valued, 
I want all life on this our Mother Earth to be cherished and valued.
My soul gets weary and tired 
and my being becomes angry 
as I think about those huge bellies
and blank stares of children subject to lack. 
Because of greed their needs go unnoticed and are deemed unimportant.
Who decided there should be have and have-nots 
when we all belong to and have a stake in our home, our Mother Earth.
All goods, all profits come from our Earth 
and I ask all mothers, 
“How can you allow your son or daughter to deprive another mother's sons or daughters of their right as humans,  
as children of this earth, their right to freedom, food, water and shelter?
How can you allow your son or daughter 
to kill another mother's sons or daughters in the name of what?”  
I ask women, I ask mothers, 
I ask grandmothers, I ask fathers, 
to tell your children to drop those guns, 
to tell your children to work for love and peace and equality.
Tell your children
who are dropping bombs on others mother's children

Oh what it must feel like for a mother to hear the planes overhead 
and watch the silver bullets drop from the sky.
Oh what it must have felt like for a mother to see her child die 
because of lack of water, 
begging for help on the bridges of Louisiana during hurricane Katrina.
Oh what it must feel like to be a mother 
listening to her children cry for food or water 
and none is there.
Oh what it must feel like to be a mother watching her child die 
because there is no treatment, health care or money available.
As women we must rally together and see 
there is no them, 
there is no us, 
there are only women and children 
just like us.
We are all one in need.
I am woman, I am all women and in my womb a child is created

                                                                    by Elaine B. Holtz

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