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Before Deciding

When our representatives are making important decisions that impact all of our lives I believe it is important to ask one basic question before making
those decisions,
Is this good for
the children?

Just imagine what our world would be like if that question was asked prior to making decisions about going to war, the environment, education or healthcare.


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Elaine B. Holtz taped her 200th TV Show on  10/21/11. 
The TV show started in 2005.

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  No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA! March
Communications and Social Activsim
Women's Equality Day  on 8/26

On Monday's show of 8/14/17 Elaine B. Holtz interviews our first guest Laura Gonzales, who, on hearing the news of the acts of terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia, orgainized a local march with Carolyn Epple a member of Homeless Action, in  Santa Rosa and gathering at the Old Courthouse Square yesterday, Sunday afternoon, to protest the rise of hate groups emboldened by the election of President Donald Trump and his inflammatory remarks on Twitter and in public speeches. The march is named for what it called for in our country and locality: No Nazis, No KKK, No Fascist USA!  Laura shares how she came to put out the call on social media and reap the harvest of ideas and encouragement in solidarity from some 300 folks who answered the call to express their feelings in this community action.  


Our second guest Darcy Trotten talks about the need for good communications and organization when planning social justice events and marches.  Darcy shares how her communicatons firm Activism Articulate was of help to the organizers of the Oakland march in July called Ain't I A Woman.


Our third guest Molly Murphy MacGregor shares her life in founding the National Women's History Projject, beginning with the pioneering Women's Studies Program in Sonoma State 40 years ago. Molly talks about the Women's Equality Day coming up on August 26, that commemorates the ratification in 1920 of the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution granting women the right to vote, as well as this day in 1970 that Betty Friedan leads a nationwide protest called the “Women’s Strike for Equality” in New York City on the fiftieth anniversary of women’s suffrage,  A  year later on August 26, 1971 the first Women’s Equality Day, initiated by Representative Bella Abzug, is established by Presidential Proclamation and reaffirmed annually. 

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day

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Past Month Radio Shows

Elaine B. Holtz, host of Women's Spaces, and Ken Norton, sound engineer, in the new studio at Radio KBBF

Elaine B. Holtz, Host of Women's Spaces, and Ken Norton, Sound Engineer, in the new studio in Santa Rosa, CA at Radio KBBF 89.1 FM - Photo by Francisco Lozano, KBBF-fm.org Webmaster

Women's Spaces Radio Show is live every Monday at 11 AM PST and repeats at 11 PM on KBBF 89.1 FM broadcasting over the North San Francisco Bay area from its San Rosa, California studio.  Check out the Radio Archives for the shows to listen online at your convenience on this website.  Click the Blog tab for sequential uploading of the shows as well as comments on each show.

Most Recent Shows

 On Monday's show of 8/7/17 WSA170807 Elaine B. Holtz interviews our first gues Celeste Austin, who shares her story of rising out of a period of addiction through channeling her talents into helping others find their true footing in society.  Celeste worked her way out and up through non-profit service organizations.  The Living Room is the only day center in Sonoma County specifically serving homeless and at-risk women and their children. Elaine gave a workshop on the Women's Spaces Pledge at the Living Room Program in Santa Rosa and she shares her deep discussion with a woman in the class.   
Our second guest Debora Hammond reports on the Sonoma County Climate Change Activists' Summit of July 31, 2017, which was organized by Occupy Sonoma County and co-sponsored by 350Sonoma. It allowed folks to network with one another, since they are often isolated in their own organization's mission from other organizations in the county that could work better together if networking channels were opened.  Followup summits will take place every time there is a 5th Monday of the Month, with the the next summit planned for October 30, 2017.

On Monday's show of 7/317/17 WSA170731 Elaine B. Holtz interviews our first guest Linda Hemenway, who reports on the gathering that happened on Saturday July 29th at Congressman Mike Thompson's office called, Our Lives On The Line. The event was co-produced with Indivisible- Sonoma County as part of the Nationwide Day of Action to address to resist the Republican attack on the Affordable Care Act and the endangerment of millions of Americans to lose health coverage. Since the 3 Republican Senators, two women Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski, and Senator John McCain who was recently diagnosed with brain cancer, with the Democats defeated the Senate Bill, the gathering was partly celebratory, as well as networking for the fight ahead for equitalble health plan like Single Payer.

2.  Erin Chmielewski shares her journey of discovering how to be an activist for a just society and how folks can get involved with producing or networking at the Petaluma Progressive Festiva that occurred on Sunday August 6th..


On Monday's show of 7/24/17 Elaine B. Holtz begins with her Commentary by Elaine B. Holtz on the Ignored Voice of Women in the GOP Design of their National Health Care Bill. She then interviews our guest Zen Honeycutt, who talks about her path to founding Moms Across America (MAA).  MAA has been a leading voice on the dangers of GMO foods (Genetically Modified Organism) and the pesticide chemical Glyphoate upon which they depend in Monsanto's system of planting Round-Up Ready GMO seeds that are made immune to the use of Round-up herbicide that kills other plant and microbial life. Zen encourages towns to follow the template of action of MAA's National Toxin Free Town Campaign for removing roundup from their community.

 National Toxin Free Town Campaign of Moms Across America


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Andy Lopez 2000-2013 We have been discussing in the following listed shows for over 3 years the killing of  13-year old Andy Lopez in a southwest neighborhood of Santa Rosa by a Sheriff Deputy. Update:WSA170605  WSA170501  WSA170410  WSA170403  President Alicia Ramon dismissed by IOLERO   Listen to the show of WSA170123 as our guest Alicia Ramon shares how Sonoma County listened to the grieving and alarmed community and how she became Chair of the new program: Independent Office of Law Enforcement Review and Outreach (IOLERO).  Note: WSA are radio shows and WS are TV shows.
 WSA131028  WS131101 WSA131104  WSA131125  WSA131216 
WSA131223  WSA131230   WSA140106  WS140110   WSA140210  WSA140421
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Elaine B Holtz interviewing Julie Combs with Ken Norton at the soundboard in Radio KBBF's new studio

Elaine B. Holtz, Host of Women's Spaces, intterviewing Julie Combs with Ken Norton at the soundboard in the new studio in Santa Rosa, CA at Radio KBBF 89.1 FM - Photo by Francisco Lozano, KBBF-fm.org Webmaster




Herstory!  The National Organization for Women marked its 50th Anniversary in 2016 and the Sonoma County Chapter of NOW celebrated the Golden Anniversary on October 22, 2016. The Video of the event by Evelina Molina is up on YouTube at https://youtu.be/qfvPckt_ySc and featured here for awhile:

More Herstory!  On April 20, 2016 the US Treasury announced that the picture of the first woman to grace the $20 bill will be that of Harriet Tubman, an African-American abolitionist who founded the Underground Railroad to free slaves.


Women's Spaces TV Show

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Participant Report on The People's Climate March

 in New York City 9/21/14

Kenna Lee & Elaine Booth

Kenna Lee & Elaine Booth on Women's Spaces

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filmed 10/23/2014    

Show ID:  WSS141023


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Women's Spaces' Videos of Some Past TV Shows

Journaling to Tranform Your Self-Esteem

Journaling: A Workshop to Transform Your Self-Esteem by Dianna L. Grayer


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Discussion with the author Dianna L. Grayer, Ph.D.

Dianna L. Grayer on Women's Spaces TV Show

filmed 11/21/14


Show ID: WS141121


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Women in Business - Challenges and Inspirations

Debbie Meagher and Vichhi Olenski

Debbie Meagher and Vicchi Oleski

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filmed 8/24/2014    

Show ID:  WSS140824



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 Turning Fear Into Power: One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror

Turning Fear Into Power: One Woman's Journey Confronting the War on Terror by Linda Sartor

Click the image above for this show's location on its unique archive page

Discussion with the author Linda Sartor

filmed 8/1/2014    

Show ID:  WSS140801



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A special poem came to me which I would like to share to give my listeners some insight into my beliefs.  You can click the title to read it:

I Am Woman, I Am All Women

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